Bundestag election 2021: Who you should vote for!

The 2021 Bundestag elections are taking place today. At first glance, this seems to be an ordinary event, since elections of this kind are part of a democratic system. Unlike many decisions before it, this one is much more than an ordinary ballot, if there can be such a thing at all. Rather, it is an election of fate, because many indicators suggest that the world has already crossed the threshold of a changing era and that any decision could have long-term, perhaps irreversible consequences.

Bundestag Election 2021: The AfD and the Absence of the Big Issue

Elections in Germany are always of great importance for the relationship between nations. Therefore, it seems useful to take a closer look at the individual parties that could win seats in parliament. The focus of this article is the Alternative for Germany.

Bundestagswahl 2021: Die AfD und das Warten auf bessere Zeiten

Niemand möchte mit ihr koalieren und doch wird sie wieder in den Bundestag einziehen. Die Rede ist von der Alternative für Deutschland. Doch wer ist die AfD? Woher kommt sie? Wer wählt die Partei? Was ist ihre Strategie und welche Chancen hat sie am kommenden Sonntag.